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Since your Grandma was Hot!

Since your Grandma was Hot!

Since your grandma was hot!

Sauble Beach has been one of the coolest place to hang out for generations. With a casual laid back vibe, it's like going back in time to when your grand parents were teenagers. Sure, the beach is amazing but what's really cool is losing track of time and hanging out and connecting with friends and family.

Who knows, maybe you'll be having so much fun you'll forget to check your phone every 5 minutes and will get lost in the summer days - just like grandma did when she was hot.

Check out this website and find a place to stay, cool places to eat and somewhere to buy some summer clothes that are just damn cool.

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What's on around town.

Sauble Beach is a vibrant beach community every day of the week. From local artists in quaint cafes to concerts on the beach, movie nights under the stars, street dances or a huge classic car show, your toughest decision will be what to do next. Signature events like Canada Day and Sauble Beach Sandfest & Classic Car Show draw thousands of visitors each year. Check in regularly with the event calendar to ensure you have the latest! 

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