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Eat Local Grey Bruce

Thorsten Arnold
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Growing Community Roots
Growing Community Roots

Spanning over 100 kms, two counties and multiple towns, Eat Local Grey Bruce is living up to its name as we continue to grow and weave our way into the community structure of the local area.

What is Eat Local Grey Bruce you ask?
What is Eat Local Grey Bruce you ask?

At its core Eat Local Grey Bruce is a co-operative whose goal is to deliver healthy, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more to you, the consumer, with over 30 producer’s products to choose from.

By providing good food choices for consumers and good growing choices for producers, Eat Local Grey Bruce works to supportour health, the local economy, animal welfare, biodiversity and the environment.

All this done from the comfort of your home as the store operates solely online. There are many benefits ofthe cooperative and the online elements brings it all together!

A New Way to Get Local Produce
A New Way to Get Local Produce

We’re all busy and because of the demands of life it’s not always easy to access the fantastic local products of the area. Eat Local Grey Bruce has been designed to make this easier for customers!

Each producer lists their products and there is no middleman; customers have direct access to the producers like they would at a farmers market. Orders are fully customizable and customers can choose whatever products they like. Each order is assembled at the warehouse in Owen Sound and then delivered to the customers throughout the region.

Many people have mobility issues due to age, access to vehicles or young families, so farmers markets are not always working, but nowadays almost everyone has access to the internet and get online to see Eat Local Grey Bruce!

On top of that, central aggregation from our warehouse
and home distribution takes much of the marketing time off the farmer’s back and offers a convenient service for our community.

Our First Retail Store
Our First Retail Store

With hopes of expansion into untapped local areas in the coming years, we’re always looking to grow our potential market and customer base.

Expansion isn’t the only way the co-op is looking to improve our customer service though, with a pilot project in the works to make some of Eat Local Grey Bruce products available at LAMBlicious’, a producer with Eat Local Grey Bruce, retail store out of Hepworth. 

LAMBlicious is the first Eat Local Grey Bruce retail store! If you missed shopping online you will have access to purchase some of Eat Locals items at LAMBlicious. Stop by LAMBlicious store and find items that you’ll love!

For more information on Eat Local Grey Bruce or if interested in becoming a consumeror producer, please visit or email