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Piping Plovers
Sauble Beach, Ontario

Sauble Beach is home to endangered Piping Plovers, small shorebirds that you might see scurrying along the water's edge or nesting on the beach. These sandy-coloured birds spend their breeding season from April to August on Sauble's shoreline, which provides their preferred habitat of long, open beach area. After the Piping Plovers court, mate, and nest, their tiny chicks will hatch and immediately venture out in search of food. Although they might be hard to spot because of their small size and perfectly camouflaged feathers, these precious birds are a delight to watch!

To help the Piping Plovers nest successfully, a few protection measures are used on the beach. Predator exclosures are cage-like structures placed around nests to protect eggs while still allowing Plovers to move in and out. Perimeter fences are used to rope off a protected area for the birds. The measures help ensure the safety of the Piping Plovers and their chicks so that beach-goers can take advantage of the unique opportunity to enjoy these remarkable birds.


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